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Sunday School at Mtn. View exists to help connect families and individuals to the Church through Bible study and fellowship. Find a class you can be part of below. Find where it is located on the attatchemd map at the bottom of the page.
9:30am Sunday Mornings
Adult Men I – (Tony Austin, Mitchell Parker, Jerry Painter) – This men’s class has over the years been very supportive financially and spiritually of men called into the Gospel Ministry. Teachers in this class can bring into the lessons present day applications of faith because of the life experiences these men have had. 
Adult Men II – (Floyd Hicks, Michael Brown): We are middle aged to advanced year men studying God’s word together. We share real world scenarios based on our triumphs and trials as dads, granddads, brothers, uncles and men of God. Join us to share God’s word and fellowship. 
Sr. Adult Ladies – (Rita Gail Parker, Mitchell Parker, Betty White) – The Sr. Adult Ladies class has changed names and classrooms several times over the years. However, the class continues to be a group of ladies who have faced numerous life situations and have experienced God’s Amazing Grace and His Presence through all of them. Each Sunday, we gather for Bible Study and we also gain encouragement and hope from others who share how faithful God is in all circumstances. 
Ladies of Faith – (Rita Gail Parker, Martha Laney, Diane Goodson, Joy Hansley, Betty White) – We have a deep faith and love for God and each other. Always trying to encourage and support one another. We come to Sunday School to study and learn what the Bible teaches us. Our teachers are Godly and love to share their studies of God’s word with our class. We are prayer warriors, using Prayer Chain, social media and email messages. We have a love for Mountain View Baptist Church and all its members.
Mixed Adults – (Ken Huffman, Joy Hansley) - We are small in number, but big in heart we welcome all ages, married or single, come and check us out.
New Beginnings – (April Moss): New Beginnings Sunday School Class is a mission focused class that offers Biblical Based Bible Study to people of all ages from all walks of life. Lessons are taught directly from the Bible using the quarterly curriculum scriptures focus as well as in depth Bible Study of selected books of the Bible. Our class encourages open discussion and a light breakfast is provided. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.
Pathfinders – (Darin Blalock) – With all of the challenges we face in our world today our bible studies offer encouragement because with God all things are possible. Our class has a wide variety of age groups from college students to retired people. Sometimes our members show up late for class but we are just glad you made it. Through our bible studies we learn that we all face some of the same challenges and we find hope with a relationship with Jesus Christ. 
Spares & Pairs – (Helen Raby, Frank Ferrell): Spares and Pairs is a class of younger and older Christians sharing their love of God through Bible Study. We read and discuss His Word to gain wisdom for our daily life. 
Preteen [Grades 5-6] – (Cherie Brown, Allison Blalock): The 5th and 6th grade Sunday School class is also known as the preteen class. We work on getting to know and be familiar with our Bibles we read Scripture and break it down with activities that help preteens grow and make good choices in the world in which we live. Please come join us!
Student Ministry [Grades 7-12] – (Levi Blalock, Debby Carpenter) Youth Sunday School is for students 7th – 12th grade. We offer a time of fellowship, prayer and Bible study. Our mission is to provide a time where teenagers can come together and discuss the challenges they face and discover how Jesus can make all the difference in their lives, each week we dive into God’s Word and discuss how the Bible’s teaching applies to all of us. 
Children I [Grades 3-4] – (Cindy Huss, Annette Gardin) – Our goal as a Sunday School Class is to help 3rd and 4th grade students grow in their love, and knowledge of Christ. To achieve this, students can fellowship in developing biblical literary skills, and thinking critically about how they can apply these principles in their daily lives. We would live to help students become closer to God and the church family whether they are just beginning to come to church, or they are currently a member. Please, come and fellowship with us as we grow together!
Children II [Grades 1-2] – (Donna Goodson, Amanda Baxter) – Come join our class as we learn about Jesus and the Bible lessons through fun activities, props, crafts and games. We would love to have you interact with us. 
Preschool [Ages 4, 5, 6] – (Michelle Harris): In the preschool Sunday School class we want the children to learn about Jesus and His amazing love. We pray that the Children will take the love of Jesus and spread it to others.
Nursery I (Babies – 3 yo] – (Amanda Baxter, Kim Ferrell, Jessica Rhodes): The nursery at Mtn. View wishes to provide a clean, safe and inviting environment for parents and babies up to age 2 by creating an atmosphere of love and laughter through play and prayer for your little ones. 
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