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Mountain View Baptist Church of Catawba County, North Carolina is located off the road leading from Maiden to Denver at the foot of Anderson Mountain. It was first known as Lebanon and was organized by two missionaries, Elders Josiah Suttle and Dave Pannell, in 1854.  In 1855 the church became a member of the King’s Mountain Association and was known as an arm of Olivet Baptist Church near Long Island. Prior to 1854 work was first begun by the Lutherans in which they built the first building. When they abandoned the building the Baptists and Methodists together repaired the building and both used it, alternating their services from Sunday to Sunday. In 1870 Lebanon transferred its membership from the King’s Mountain Association to the Catawba River Association. Under the leadership of Rev. J.A. Hoyle, in 1866, the church was accepted into the South Fork Association and has remained a member to this day. A short time after the turn of the century (1903), Lebanon Church decided not to be a union church any longer. They secured a lot and built a building of their own which stood until the present building was completed in 1949. At first, the congregation chose the name “Little Mountain Baptist Church” and later decided on “Mountain View”. The Methodists moved a short distance away, rebuilt and retained the name Lebanon.
Church building in 1854
Church building in 1950's
With the congregation growing, in 1946 the church purchased 10 acres of land. On December 19, 1948 the church voted to build a new church building. The building was completed, equipped, and occupied for the first time on November 20, 1949. Dedication was held that afternoon with Dr. J.L Vipperman of Dallas, North Carolina preaching the Dedication Sermon.    In 1961 an addition was made, adding new classrooms. In 1966 the pastorium was built and occupied by the church’s first full-time pastor, Rev. D.H. Caldwell and wife Ethel.   In 1970 a left wing was added for educational facilities, and in 1972 the Fellowship Building was completed and the parking area paved.

On August 29, 1982 the church voted to extend a call to Raymond W. Hamrick, Jr. He accepted the call and held his first worship service on November 7, 1982. In 1991 the church sanctuary was completely renovated. On September 14, 1997, following our 143rd Homecoming Service and “dinner on the grounds” we dedicated our new Educational and Office facilities to be used by the Lord as He continues to expand our membership.  
In September 2004 Mountain View celebrated and dressed the part for our 150th Anniversary. Members wore their “old fashion” clothing and bonnets while preachers who found their start at Mountain View inspired us to press forward in our cause for Christ. After the services we had our annual homecoming picnic with homemade lemonade and Christian fellowship.
Mountain View, a church organized through prayer and faith, and built upon the Rock, Jesus Christ continues to grow.  Our new sanctuary was completed and we held our first service on February 1, 2009.  On February 22, 2009 we held the Dedication Service and had Open House and a Reception that followed. After over 30 years of faithful service, in September of 2015, Raymond Hamrick Jr. retired from Mountain View.

On August 1, 2016, Pastor Matthew Seagle was called as the full-time Pastor.  

As we grow it is our desire to glorify Christ in all we do, because He is our Lord!
Church building in 1997
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